Belt conveyors

Belt conveyors are used for horizontal or inclined handling of bare, bulk or packaged products for feeding and exiting the customer’s machines or during distribution, even at high speeds. Belt is the element that allows transportation and consists of a fabric base (polyester) and a covering that is in contact with the product (PVC, polyurethane, rubber ..). Depending on the product, the type of plant and the purpose of the conveyor itself, you can use belts with different friction coefficients (high, medium, low), with the addition of fingerprints on the coating (negative pyramid, honeycombed ..), with design works (punched holes) or with the addition of profiles (trapezoidal, rectangular, laths ..) both longitudinal and transverse. In terms of construction, height adjustments can be made with feet and sleeves, containment sides (fixed or adjustable in height and width), rubber rollers for high speeds, head passages with roller pens up to Ø12, head motors and whatever according to the customer needs.

Some examples:

Food belt conveyor in polyurethane width 1300, interaxis with Ø26 head roller pens, sliding surface in embossed sheet, pneumatic centering system, anodized anticorodal shoulders structure and satin stainless steel support, motorized roller conveyor with pneumatically inclinable gear system.

Retractable belt conveyors in polyurethane width 1800, fixed wheelbases with Ø16 head roller pens, sliding plate made of extractable embossed sheet, motorized screw-nut centering system, retractable pneumatic slide system, scrapers on rollers and on the belt with collection tray under the motorization, evacuation belt conveyor of orthogonal waste.

Seven belt conveyors phaser with fixed center distances, Ø12 head roller pens, pneumatic tension, scraps collection system with scrapers on the belt and rollers, adjustable and liftable stainless steel containment guides, bent-pressed and TIG welded sheet metal frame, key-closed front covers.

Belt conveyor in polyurethane with quality control system, in place guides for product rows liftable with pneumatic lever system, motorized ploughshares for product guidance and pneumatically rotating for product waste, stainless steel slide of waste carrying, belt and rollers cleaning system trough scrapers, pneumatic tension and centering.

Tilting belt conveyor in polyurethane with paddle jogger pneumatically lifted up for incoming products alignment, anodized anticordal structure, motorization shoulders in galvanized carbon steel, contact parts and internal crosspieces in stainless steel, support legs in painted carbon steel, pneumatic tension and centering, tilting system with motor-driven connecting rods.