Belt elevators

Belt elevators are used for handling light bulk products which generally must be brought to a certain height and then transferred to the next conveyor, in a silo or in a machine loading hopper. All this happens thanks to the use of laths that are vulcanized (to a belt with a polyester base and a plastic coating) or mounted (to a modular chain) at a constant pitch depending on the length of the product. This type of handling is used during manual loading by an operator or automated in output from a machine. The shape of the products can be dusty, pasty or granular and the maximum recommended inclination is around 60 °, however it is always evaluated according to the dimensions of the product itself.

Some examples:

PVC belt elevator with vulcanized laths, horizontal loading section with hopper and inspection hatch, adjustable side guides with adjustable handles, inclined section with final discharge hood, motorized with rubber roller, sturdy legs adjustable in height and swivel wheels with brake.

PVC belt elevator for transporting syringes, loading hopper with hinged polycarbonate lid, slipped product collection tray, side rails and hinged openable polycarbonate panels, discharge protection, adjustable support leg height and swivel castors with brake.

Modular chain elevator with laths mounted at a constant pitch, bent sheet metal structure and electro-joined tubular profiles, lower drawers hooked up with lever hooks, bent-pressed containment side guides, discharge protections and opening cover on the load side.