Chain conveyors

Chain conveyors are used to move light products for straight and horizontal curvilinear transport, considering the possibility of an eventual accumulation phase. The chain is the element that allows the transport and is composed of acetal plastic material links characterized by excellent mechanical and wear resistance with a low friction coefficient. This type of handling is used for products contained in cans or bottles even at medium and high speeds during packaging, bottling or in the distribution phase of products already packaged.

Some examples:

Tablet-top chain conveyor in white acetal for product quality control, adjustable side guides in place, pneumatic diverter with waste discharge chute, motorized roller passage on the discharge side, structure and metal parts in satin-finished aisi-304 stainless steel.

Tablet-top chain conveyors in brown acetal with curves, adjustable side and upper guides, pneumatic deviators, anti-accumulation dirt structure for washing, adjustable feet, finishing with medium satin finish.

Cardan chain conveyors in white acetal for trays, side and upper sides adjustable on headframes, side passages, support legs fixed to the floor with adjustable sleeves, star in anti-accumulation product polizene.

Cardan chain conveyors with tight bending radius suitable for the transport and accumulation of small products. Side passage, side and upper guides adjustable to headframes, support legs fixed to the floor with adjustable sleeves.

Cardan chain conveyor with two 90 ° bends and two 180 ° bends with single motor, gear reducer with shaft fixing through shrink, upper protections on the bends, anti-accumulation structure prepared for washing.