Modualr chain conveyors (intralox)

Modular chain conveyors are used for the handling of light products for straight and curvilinear transport, both horizontally and with the presence of climbs and descents, considering the possibility of an eventual accumulation phase. Thanks to the characteristics of resistance of materials to chemical agents, to low temperatures and to the predisposition to sanitization while maintaining good mechanical resistance, these conveyors can handle products that are naked, packaged and frozen at medium-high speeds. To meet the needs of the system, you can customize the chains and the rest of the construction of the conveyors: you can mount on the chains anti-slip modules or laths cut to height at a multiple pitch compared to the type of chain chosen, provide open or closed links in case there is a need to drain water or washing liquids downwards, choose the material of the pins different from the standard in case there is danger of abrasion, you can make buttonholes on the frames to facilitate sanitizing and more.

Some examples:

Modular chain conveyors in white acetal for cordon blue transport, motorized belt ploughshares for positioning and guiding products with the possibility of adjusting the inclination and position, final pneumatic diverter for quality control with waste chute.

Modular chain conveyors in blue acetal with inclinable motorized belt ploughshares, adjustable side guides with adjustable handles, head passages with roller modules, polished stainless steel sheet and anodized aluminum parts.

Modular chain conveyors with two curves in blue acetal, structure prepared for washing, motorization with drum motor, adjustable sides with round stops for format change, structure in press-bented and satin-finished sheet metal.

Intralox modular chain conveyors for the handling of packaged products, structure prepared for washing, adjustable feet and sides, lower protections and on the motorization.

Intralox modular chain conveyors with two curves in white polypropylene, head passages with free rollers for small products, adjustable side guides covered in PE1000, stainless steel press-bent sheet structure with medium satin finish.