Round belts conveyors

Round belts conveyors are used for horizontal handling of whole products of medium size or packaged in primary and secondary packaging plants. The round belts, characterized by a medium-high friction coefficient and easy to clean, are the element that allows the transport and are produced in polyurethane to have a good resistance to wear, traction and abrasion. In addition, it is possible to quickly replace it in the event of breakage by simply cutting and then heating the ends by pressing them. In case of medium weight products, reinforced round belts with steel rods can be provided.

Some examples:

Ø8 round belts conveyor with reinforcing steel reinforcement, stainless steel structure in press-bent sheet metal with a central compartment for the customer’s machine housing, white polyethylene rollers and scrapers for belts, stainless steel scrapers for rollers, Atex-regulated gearmotor.