Screw conveyors

Screw conveyors are used for handling dusty, granular and pasty products in dosing systems or simply for horizontal, vertical or inclined transport. The whole can be done using continuous spirals (with 1 or 2 principles) at a constant pitch, obtained from flat steel bars, welded on the screw shaft or through pressed steel sectors available with different pitches. It is also possible to handle wet or liquid products using special seals on the heads, a useful expedient if there is a need to sanitize the inside of the frame and the screw shaft of the conveyor without compromising the mechanical and electrical parts outside the frame itself. In special cases in which the product is extruded and a frame gets heat, it is possible to equip it with a liquid cooling circuit and external insulation. Depending on the type of product, hourly capacity and speed, our technical department will decide the most suitable section, the pitch and the materials to be used that are most suitable for the system that the customer must realize.

Some examples:

Screw doserwith bridgebraker system, parts in contact with the product in satin-finished aisi-316 steel, painted carbon steel parts. Dismountable loading hopper with hinged inspection hatch, bridgebreaker system for crushing the loaded material, ‘U’ shaped casing with central cell and open plate on discharge side.

Screw doserwith bridgebraker system, structure entirely made of satin-finished aisi-304 steel, loading hopper with hinged inspection hatch, continuously welded continuous spiral over the entire length of the screw shaft, hinged polycarbonate covers on the ‘U’ frame, stuffing box heads, flange outlet to size, bent plate support brackets.

TCU screw conveyor, loading hopper covered by a screwed lid, supporting structure with electro-joined tubular profiles, ‘U’ shaped sheet-metal frame with screwed stainless steel top covers, round discharge mouth with perforated flange and safety closing, motorization with chain transmission and coaxial gear motor, shaft with continuous spiral.

TCO screw conveyors for sugar loading in silos, structure entirely in stainless steel, loading hopper with inspection hatches with screwed safety grid, support structure in electro-joined tubular profiles, ‘O’ frame in welded pipe, worm gearmotors, shafts with continuously tig-welded continuous spiral with intermediate support (only in the vertical one), round discharge mouth towards the silos.

Dosing system with TCU screw conveyorand rotary valve, load with flanged pipe, top covers in stainless steel and inspection hatches in polycarbonate screwed and connected to safety micro, support structure in tubular steel painted varnished bolted to the ‘U’ frame in press-bent stainless steel sheet, shaft with continuous spiral. Electric panel with inverter, potentiometer, emergency mushroom, reset and thermal alarm.