Industrial Plants

In this section are visible painted carbon steel conveyors (also with a painting cycle according to customer specifications) used in various types of production and distribution systems: rotary tables, chain conveyors, screw conveyors, belt conveyors, roller conveyors, concave belt conveyors, bucket elevators, belt elevators, spondaflex belt conveyors. In addition, it is possible to provide pneumatic diverters and pushers and brackets for electrical components (sensors, limit switches, proximity switches, reflectors ..). The widths and the speed of the conveyors will be evaluated from time to time by our technical department depending on the type of products and the selected handling.

Belt elevators
Chain conveyors
Modular chain conveyors (Intralox)
Screw conveyors
Belt conveyors
Roller conveyors
Rotary tables
Concave belt conveyors
Bucket elevators
Spondaflex belt conveyors