Chain conveyors

Chain conveyors are used to move medium and heavy products at low speeds for horizontal straight transport, considering the possibility of an eventual accumulation phase. The chain is the element that allows transportation and is composed of pre-stretched straight plate meshes in carbon steel (simple, double or triple in function of the weight of the product), can be equipped with idle rollers for the accumulation phase. This type of handling is used for medium and big size bulk products or contained in pallets, especially at the end of the line when packing for shipping.

Some examples:

Straight-plateschain conveyor with 3 rows of simple 3/4″ chain, side guides of containment in tubular, foreseen motorization on the load side under the roller table protected laterally and above.

Roller chain conveyors for very heavy loads, chains sliding track in tubular, structure in bent sheet metal and electro-welded tubular profiles. Head motorization external to the frame, support legs with perforated plates for the tessellation on the floor.

1″ chain conveyor for transport empty baskets, side guides incorporated in the bent sheet metal structure, central motorization and pneumatic stop in correspondence of the protections.

3/4 ” double chain conveyor with postponement system for baskets passage, electro-welded tubular structure, central motorization inside the conveyor, pneumatic stops at the entrance with storage function.

Redler chain conveyor with horizontal loading section and 45 ° inclined discharge section. Palettes cut by laser and welded on the chain, unique structure in press-bent metal sheet with predisposition for mounting on railway wagon.