Roller conveyors

Roller conveyors are used for the low speed handling of loose bulk products, lying on pallets, drums for horizontal and curvilinear conveyors (motorized roller conveyors) or inclined (end-of-line roller conveyors) in dosing, process or distribution systems. The roller is the element that allows transport and is composed of a steel pipe (or PVC for light idle roller conveyors) of cylindrical shape for horizontal movements or conical for the curvilinear ones. Depending on the needs related to the plant to be built, it is possible to equip the rollers with side containment discs at the ends, PVC drum or anti-abrasion rubber coverings, stepped rubber rings, liquid seal head gaskets, stainless steel bearings, threaded or spring axes, single or double sprockets for motorized rollers (depending on the weight) and friction inside the heads in case of accumulation of light products for friction rollers.

Some examples:

Motorized roller conveyor coated in white PVC 1200 width, adjustable sides in painted carbon steel, rollers with double-ring tangential chain transmission, motorization under the roller table, height-adjustable legs and fixed wheels that run on the tracks.

Galvanized motorized roller curve for transporting revised packages with double-ring tangential chain transmission, semi-finished carbon steel profiles structure painted with height-adjustable feet.

Motorized clutched roller conveyor with photocell and reflector for product transit reading (pallet), structure in robust folded metal sheet. Motorization with adjustable chain transmission for tensioning, adjustable feet.

Motorized roller movement system for locking, centering and loading of metal boxes. Adjustable sides in angular profile, Festo stops and pneumatic centering devices in angular profiles, electro-welded tubular structures, adjustable feet with holes for floor tiling, pneumatic system complete with solenoid valves and flow regulators.

Motorized roller conveyor for drums centering and filling, sides in centering inlet, pneumatic centering device adjustable in height and width, motorization under the roller table, cross free roller for the product unloading, structure in stainless steel folded sheet and feet adjustable.

Motorized roller conveyor arranged on 2 rows with side disks for product centering, coil support frame weight 5000Kg. Structure in electro-joined heavy beams, motorizations under the roller table with counterweight transmission chain tensioning system.