Rotary tables

The rotary tables are used during loading, in the accumulation phase at the end of the line, replacing the motorized curves thanks to the reduced dimensions of the structure and for the horizontal movement of whole products of medium and large dimensions at low speeds. Depending on the type and weight of the package to be moved, the element that allows transport (belt, chain rings, round belts or rollers) and the rotation system (manual with base bearing, automatic with pneumatic cylinders, mechanical up to 360 ° with basic bearings equipped with gear teeth or with intermitter if there is a need for a cadenced rotation).

Some examples:

Pallet handling system with motorized roller conveyors and rotary table with mechanical rotation, equipped with brackets for photocells and reflectors useful for the detection of the pallet in and out of the table, structures in bent sheet metal and electro-welded tubular profiles.

Rotary table with chain product handling system with straight plates. 360° bi-directional rotary system with mechanical coupling with external teeth on a tubular frame and electro-welded ‘c’ profiles fixed to the floor, reading photocells for loading and unloading.

Rotary table with product handling system for conveyor belts with fixed centers for handling small ferrous parts. Idler wheel rotary system driven by a motorized chain and double jack lifting system with a single central motor.

Rotary table with product handling system by motorized rollers and with idler rollers at the inlet and outlet. Adjustable side guides in heavy profiles and idler wheel rotary system driven by a motorized chain, maximum rotation 270°.

Rotary table for handling baskets containing ferrous mechanical parts in double chains with straight plates. Bi-directional rotary system with mechanical coupling with internal teeth, self-braking gearmotor mounted under the chains plane.