Screw conveyors

Screw conveyors are used for handling dusty, granular and pasty products in dosing systems or simply for horizontal, vertical or inclined transport. The whole can be done using continuous spirals (with 1 or 2 principles) at a constant pitch, obtained from flat steel bars, welded on the screw shaft or through pressed steel sectors available with different pitches. It is also possible to handle wet or liquid products using special seals on the headers, a useful expedient if there is a need to sanitize the inside of the frame and the screw shaft of the conveyor without compromising the mechanical and electrical parts outside the frame itself. In special cases in which the product is extruded and a frame gets heat, it is possible to equip it with a liquid cooling circuit and external insulation. Depending on the type of product, hourly capacity and speed, our technical department will decide the most suitable section, the pitch and the materials to be used that are most suitable for the system that the customer must realize.

Alcuni esempi:

Screw conveyor with continuous spiral, calendered and bent sheet metal frame, headers with adjustable bearings and seals, decomposable stainless steel loading hopper, upper inspection hatch hinged in polycarbonate fixed with knobs and equipped with safety magnetic sensor.

Screw conveyor with continuous spiral with frame in calendered and U-folded sheet metal, headers with adjustable supports and seals, stuffing box system on load side and number of revolving system with proximity covered on discharge side.

Screw conveyor with 4-way variable pitch sectors in painted carbon steel, jacket with liquid cooling system and external frame insulation, tubular supporting structure and swivel castors with brake.

Empty big-bags station in tubular structure and cantilever beam in painted carbon steel to support hoist capacity 2000 kg, big-bag unloading system with stainless steel TCU screw conveyor with top covers mounted with quick lockings, gearmotor with adjustable speed with mechanical variator, inspection cover on loading side, stainless steel discharge hopper with hinged hatch to facilitate the big-bag opening.

TCU screw conveyor with central discharge mouth, screwed side loading hoppers, bent sheet support structure in painted carbon steel welded to the ‘U’ case in stainless steel bent sheet metal, direct drive mounted on nickel-plated carbon steel headers, shaft with continuous spiral on one side right and on the other side left.