Spondaflex belt conveyors

Spondaflex belt conveyors are used for horizontal and inclined medium-high speed inclines of small bulk products that are contained without the aid of guides because the belt is provided with laterally vulcanized wavy fabrics. It is possible to foresee vulcanized laths with pitch and the loading phase in horizontal for inclined conveyors, folded sheets or polycarbonate coverings on the transport side and along the belt return stretch, loading hoppers and tailored discharge protections. In the event that the conveyor belt is wide or is subjected to opposite flexions, it is advisable to evaluate the option with a modular chain that can also be fitted with flexible side guides.

Some examples:

Spondaflex belt conveyor in black natural rubber for transport and scanning PET bales through metal-detector, structure in bent carbon steel painted sheets, central section scanning products with marine wood belt plan and metal-detector cover with polycarbonate panels, screwed lower collection drawers.

Spondaflex belt conveyor in white pvc useful width 600, structure in bent painted carbon steel sheets, adjustable supports in welded tubular profiles with swivel castors with brake, stainless steel loading hopper and discharge protection, upper protections in folded polycarbonate sheets, removable lower covers with closures lever.