Industrial Plants

Painted carbon steel conveyors suitable for different types of production and distribution systems.

Food Plants

Conveyors in stainless steel AISI-304 (or AISI-316) suitable for the handling of packaged or naked food products.

Monti Impianti srl has been collaborating since 1986 with companies that produce finished products and lines useful for production and packaging in all food and industrial sectors. In particular we have acquired more experience over the years in handling of:

– unpackaged foodstuffs (frozen foods, fresh foods, sweets, biscuits, snacks, dairy products, meat …) in packaging plants, even in the presence of sanitation

– packaged foodstuffs (in cups, bricks, cans, boxes, bottles, yogurt, pods …) in secondary and tertiary packaging plants

– unpackaged and packaged non-food products of various kinds and pet food

– soapflakes and small cylinders-soap for soap production plants and related waste conveyed in recycling plants

– cosmetic and pharmaceutical products of various kinds

– PET / rubber bales and plastic waste in recycling plants

– drums in dosing and filling plants

– pallets in packaging plants

– mechanical components in mechanical processing lines and scrap shavings

– foundry pieces in shot blasting and sandblasting plants

– glasses in its production plants

– newspapers in sorting and distribution plants

– dusty and granulated products in dosing plants

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