A centenary

Our history

In 1902 the Monti family started a business to produce mechanical construction, which in 1986 was modified and addressed on the construction of systems for internal handling and systems for industrial automation.

Thus was born the MONTI IMPIANTI srl, today a leading company in its sector, which bases its activity on innovation, technology and technical knowledge of design, skills that have led the company to a consolidated experience in the field of systems for internal handling and industrial automation, proposing customized solutions for quality systems and absolute reliability.

Study and Design

The engineering of MONTI IMPIANTI systems is carried out according to an in-depth analysis of the specific handling of the product and of the data supplied by the customer. Where deemed necessary, accurate measurements are made to understand the actual production situation in which the system will be installed.

The commitment of MONTI IMPIANTI has always been to satisfy the needs of the customer, including vendor lists and other technical specifications, we guarantee maximum productivity and efficiency of the plant in compliance with current regulations and environmental impact.


Our production includes lines for internal handling of food products and industrial products in general consisting of:

  • Belt conveyors in PVC – in polyurethane – in rubber – belt elevators– with spondaflex
  • Chain conveyors – with redler – with slats (table-top) – modular chain (intralox)
  • Round belts conveyors for shifters, light movements
  • Frictional motorized roller conveyors for storage lines. Distribution to the stations with motorized shuttles
  • Motorized roller conveyors for handling drums, pallets (kg 3.000)
  • Idle roller conveyors for gravity handling
  • Screw conveyors and bucket elevators for handling buck products
  • Painted carbon steel and stainless steel constructions
  • Pneumatic and electric automation on request

We take full care of the design, construction, finishing and testing of our products using highly skilled labor operating on a production area of over 3000m².

Transportation and installation

The transport of our systems is carried out at the customer’s site through a proprietary truck and on-site installation by our highly skilled labor.

Assistance and Spare parts

We provide complete and timely after-sales assistance and all the spare parts for the entire range of our systems, we also provide immediate solutions if there are problems on the lines installed during the production of the plant.

Historical plants

  • April 1993Pescanova

    Intralox chain conveyors line for handling frozen pizzas Pescanova, the biggest production line of pizzas in Spain. Pescanova
  • April 1996Galbusera

    Belt conveyors line for handling crackers Galbusera, Italy. Galbusera
  • March 2003Corena

    Belt conveyors line for distribution newspaper Corena, the biggest distribution plant of newspaper in Europe. Corena
  • July 2003Quesos

    Intralox chain conveyors line for production cheese Quesos, Spain. Quesos
  • January 2004Simi

    Chain conveyors line for handling metal boxes Simi, Italy. Simi
  • January 2007Meritor

    Chain conveyors line for handling metal boxes Meritor, Italy. Meritor
  • April 2012Dolcissimo

    Intralox chain conveyors line for handling tiramisu cups Dolcissimo, Italy. Dolcissimo
  • August 2013A-27

    Intralox chain conveyors line for handling tiramisu cups A-27, Italy. Tiramisù A-27
  • July 2015Multi-format Flowpack

    Our first horizontal multi-format Flowpack, manual loading. Flowpack
  • April 2018 Nachtmann

    Intralox chain conveyors line for distribution chalice boxes Nachtmann, Germany. Nachtmann